UCF Recycles! Housekeeping and Recycling Services, a unit of Facilities Operations in the Facilities and Safety building #16A, is the collection arm of the recycling effort here on the UCF campus. Many Housekeepers and Recyclers on both the day and evening shifts work very hard to move recyclable materials out of the waste stream into the recycling stream.

It has been a great year for our recycling program!  Thanks to the help of many including the efforts of the Student Sustainability Alliance and their green program at the football games we have improved our football GameDay recycling rate to a season high of 26%.  We have switched many of our construction and debris waste roll-offs to recycling roll-offs, saving thousands of dollars and increasing our recycling rate up to 25%, hopefully ending around 30% at the end of the fiscal year 2009-2010. We continue to participate in the nation-wide RecycleMania contest and hopefully will see improvements over our standings in 2009.  Our partners in recycling are encouraging us with their efforts and participation on our behalf, departments like Business Services, Athletics and the Student Government Association continue to be great supporters of the cause!  Residential Life has started a green building and we continue to develop new recycling efforts with the support of Res Life and will continue to see an increase in the materials recycled by students living in our residential halls.

The University’s current recycling rate is 25%.  The State of Florida has mandated that all government and state buildings maintain a 30% recycling rate – we have a way to go and I believe we can accomplish a 30% rate this year!   During the fiscal year 2007-2008 our rate was 12.97%, 2008-2009 was 17.04%, we continue to grow.  We recycled 1,367,320 pounds of material – but we threw away 6,655,360 pounds of material into the land fill as trash in 2008-2009. You may not know this, but 60% to 70% of all trash is probably recyclable material – we have a long way to go UCF, so please do your part and recycle!  If you would like more information on how to recycle or to set up a program in your area, please see the Contact Us information on this page. 

UCF Recycles!

What UCF Recycles

Recycle Locations & Containers

Help Avoid Contamination

  • Sort recyclables by type
  • Rinse plastic bottles and cans
  • Do not recycle materials contaminated by food!
  • Recyclables can be placed by
    any dumpster for pickup
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